Marketing Supplements Help & Support

When you buy any of our in-house supplements* or custom supplements*, we will help you sell them.

Marketing Supplements Help

We know the efforts you have to take to sell supplements, which is why we are the only company in the UK to help you promote and sell them.

Buy from us (sorry, but we have to have a MOQ for these offers, see below), and we will:

Wholesale Your Supplements –

Do you already, or have you thought of wholesaling your supplements?

As John Paul Getty said "I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort."

Wholesaling your products is one of the ways to reduce your effort

  • We will promote the products that we manufacture for you to our wholesale clients, as well as creating a web page in a new section on our website that links straight to you.
    We are not going to ask commission or anything, simply promote your product/s with any leads going straight to you.

The more exposure your product has the better, right? We will promote your product retail.

Would you believe that despite having “wholesale” everywhere on our site, we still get retail enquiries?

While we do have a brand, does not retail it, we leave that to the resellers.

  • We will promote your products to retail clients. We are setting up a retail area on our website, only for our customers.
    Each product will have its own page, with a link to your website or sales platform, and we will properly SEO and promote these pages for maximum exposure.


Plus this is just the start, We have several more initiatives that we will announce over the coming months, to help our customer's businesses.

To make a product enquiry, contact us here.


* As much as we would like to offer this to all our customers, these offers are only available to clients have manufactured to order products with a minimum of 20,000 capsules/tablets for in-house formulations, or 40,000 capsules for custom formulations.



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