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A regularly updated list of resources for supplement resellers, selling from your own website, online platform such as eBay or Amazon, or from your own bricks and mortar shop.


Supplement Labelling -

Many people buy white label (no label) supplements. This could be because the minimum order amount to have private label (when we would print and fix your label) is too high; you want to test label designs by doing some split-testing; or you have different brands for the same products.
The challenge is finding label printers that offer small quantity print runs. After much hunting, we found these that start at 25 labels:

Label Design -

If you are buying your supplements from us, we have an in-house designer billed out at a discount rate, but some clients need their own designer as they want a complete branding package.
The challenge is picking a designer – what if you don’t like their proposals?
Well there are a few great websites that allow you to submit design requests to a multitude of designers, and then choose the one you want to work with.

Not the cheapest, but all the different design packages you could want, with some great designers: A*
We have used their services in the past, and valued the ability of having multiple designers competing for our projects.

We haven’t used these other sites, but they offer a similar service: A*. The cheapest of the services, but not necessarily the best designers, so do your research.

Need a Logo -

Packaging -

Branded bottle boxes
We choose to focus on what we do well, and do not offer any inhouse printing or box making, but we do have clients who request custom boxes for their supplement bottles.
We recommend:
Several of our clients have used their services and recommend them.

Delivery packaging
There are two routes to go if you are sending out your products yourself.

1. Standard packaging.
Whether you use boxes, padded envelopes or lightweight plastic envelopes, pricing is key – after all, these affect your profit margins, but remember presentation is important. That packaging is the first thing that your customer is going to see, and you want to make a good first impression.
Like anything, buy in bulk, and you will save money – and get a sample before you buy!
There are just too many companies out there, but doing a quick search these seem quite competitive:

2. Custom branded packaging.
A branded cardboard box always looks good, and if you can buy in bulk a good way to create that great first impression.

Make your customer feel special.

If you are not including a thank you card with your product you are missing a trick.
If you’ve bought something from a company on eBay, you’ll notice the best of them will include a card thanking you for your order, and also requesting that if you have any issues to contact the seller before leaving feedback.
Whether it is eBay, or any of the other online platforms (Amazon etc), feedback is vital on building your business, and a simple card included with your item can help avoid unnecessary negative feedback.
As well as thanking your new customer, you could also offer a discount on a repeat order by using a special code, or web page to go to.
And if you are selling from your own website, you still need feedback for it.
You could also use it to ask your customer to sign up to your mailing list, where they can receive details of any offers etc you run.
The most popular choice is an A6 double-side printed leaflet, which doesn’t have to work out that expensive. At the time of writing, you could get 500 printed for around £17!
A useful company is HelloPrint, who also print stationery, posters, outdoor advertising etc.
Some others include:




A* - Affiliate declaration – you’ll see some of the links have “A*” after them. We want to be 100% open about the fact that we sometimes sign up to other company’s affiliate programs. This is one way we can keep our own costs low, passing the savings on to you with lower cost wholesale supplements.
The important thing to note is that you will never pay any more for using these links – the services/products we link to as affiliates offer identical prices compared with you going there directly, and having an affiliate program isn’t the reason we have chosen them – You’ll see many links that we are not affiliates of.



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