Questions & Answers

Are these really wholesale prices?

Yes. You will be paying the manufacturer directly (no middlemen).

Why should I deal with Wholesale Supplements UK then?

We offer regular discounts and offers that are NOT available elsewhere. For example we have: 5%-30% discount offers; end of line deals and more ...

How do I get the prices and order?

Complete the form here, confirm your email address, and you will be sent access to the latest price list. Then let us know your order and we will send you an invoice for payment.

What is the minimum order?

Minimums vary depending whether the product is branded, white label, private label, custom ... details will be on the price list.

What about postage?

Most of our wholesale prices include UK postage and packing. There are exceptions when the stock is not held at the manufacturing plant.

Do you only supply the UK?

No. We can supply wholesale supplements worldwide. Let us know your order, and we will calculate the shipping and let you know.

Do you do white label?

Yes. Most products can be supplied without labels.

Where are your supplements manufactured?

All our supplements are manufactured in the UK.

Can I have some samples?

It will depend on the product. When we can, they will be at cost price plus postage and packing. Contact us here.


Our products available to UK/EU buyers meet all legal requirements for UK sale and the majority of EU countries at time of manufacture.

Certain products are only available outside of the UK/EU as they use or contain ingredients that either have been classed as a "Novel Food", or as a "Medicinal Herb" within the UK/EU.

It is the customers responsibility to check and confirm with their own health authority, regulations as to whether a product they are ordering from us will meet their own country's specific laws.

We cannot be held liable for returns when a client has ordered a product from us which they then discover is not legal in their country.

We also cannot be held liable for products that subsequently become not legal for sale due to any change in law or ingredient classifications.


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